Merkur 37c Review – Should you Slant?

MERKUR 37C Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor
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  • MERKUR 37C Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor
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  • Last modified: April 28, 2020
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Review Summary:

This safety razor will turn dull blades into relatively sharp blades. So if you have a bunch of crappy blades that you are thinking about throwing out, don't do it!


  • Cuts hair really efficiently
  • Very well constructed
  • Great grip
  • Produces a really close shave


  • Short handle for people with big hands
  • Not the prettiest looking razor
  • Blades dull faster than normal

Hey guys and welcome to another Prim and Prep safety razor review. Today we are going to be talking about the Merkur 37c HD Slant safety razor. This safety razor is the “younger brother” to the Merkur 39c slant bar safety razor that has a longer handle. This is a three-piece chrome finished safety razor that is very unique to say the least. Before trying it out I had heard horror stories of how aggressive this safety razor was, but after trying it for a few months I have a much different perspective on it. I wasn’t sure how noticeable the slant on the headpiece would be until I pulled it out of the box and wow was I surprised! It basically looks like the metal was melted and warped! But obviously this was done on purpose. Let’s jump right into the review so you can find out whether or not this would be a good safety razor for you.

Weight and Balance

Similar to the Merkur 34c, the 37c weighs in at 2.4 ounces. This is on the lighter end compared to other safety razors that I’ve used. Because the handle is relatively short, the balance point is approximately halfway up the handle. It balances quite well in my hand and makes it extremely easy for me to move from my “with the grain” handgrip to my “across the grain” and “against the grain” grips. Typically, shorter safety razors are a lot easier to maneuver because the handle doesn’t get in the way as you are transitioning from one hand position to the next. Although the 37C does not weigh too much, it feels hefty in my hand because of the shorter handle.



The Merkur 37c has my favorite type of grip for a safety razor. It has about a 1 inch portion that is covered completely with gritty metal. The bottom or butt of the handle also has a really good feel to it. The bottom knob sticks out approximately 2 or 3 mm from the main part of the handle. This knob has vertical grooves in it which have a great tactile feel to it and does a great job of reminding you exactly where the end of the handle is. The only thing that could make the grip on this safety razor any better would be if the handle was a little bit longer for my large hands.


Exactly like the Merkur 34c, the 37c’s total length is 3.3 inches. As I have talked about in my other safety razor reviews, this is a slight problem for me because my hands are larger than average. Sometimes I like using a grip where the handle rests on my pinky (so that I can get an extremely light grip). I can’t use the script on this safety razor because my hands are too wide and my index finger will be pressed up against the head with this type of grip. For people that have average or smaller hands, this length should be no problem though.



The horror stories that I was talking about in my intro paragraph were about the aggressiveness of this safety razor. Because of the angle at which it cuts, it apparently makes this safety razor “much more aggressive”. In my opinion, thid is not true at all. I think the word aggressive is not the right word to be used for the merkur 37c or any slant bar safety razor for that matter. The word “efficient” is much more appropriate. Because of the slanted angle the razor makes cutting hairs off your face much easier. Much less work is needed to perform the same task. Think about slicing vegatables with a knife. If you try to go straight down, it is much harder than if you slant the knife slightly as your cutting. It does make duller blades seem sharper because of this fact. I still think it is overly aggressive for any person that is just starting off with wet shaving, but with a couple months of practicing your form most people will be able to handle it. I would rate it about a 6/10 on my aggressiveness scale.

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Blade Replacement


Blade replacement on the Merkur 37c is relatively easy. The knob mechanism at the bottom is extremely smooth on this safety razor. Just like any three-piece safety razor, you need to be extremely careful when taking out and putting in new blades. It is not as easy as a butterfly open mechanism but as long as you take good care of your safety razor and wash off soap scum as it builds up, you should have no problem having this safety razor last a very long time. Be sure to check out our article on the best safety razor blades on the market today!

Merkur 37c Review Conclusion

I hope I ended any worry that some of you may have about the aggressiveness of this safety razor. Remember, it is simply more efficient, but really not any more aggressive than a medium aggressive safety razor. This safety razor will turn dull blades into relatively sharp blades. So if you have a bunch of crappy blades that you are thinking about throwing out, don’t do it! You can save the lives of all these crappy blades simply by buying this extraordinary slant safety razor! One warning I do have for you is that blades do not last as long and get dull a lot faster by using the 37C. This is the safety razor I go to when I need to perform an extremely quick shave. One pass with the grain gives me a lot closer shave then most other safety razors do with one pass. So if you have been looking to get into a slant bar safety razor, look no further! For a complete list of the best safety razors check out my article. I hope you enjoyed my merkur 37c review. Be sure to leave me a message down below if you have any questions or experiences with this effective safety razor.

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