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    Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor
    • Editor Rating

    • Rated 4 stars
    • Excellent

    • Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Safety Razor
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    • Last modified: April 13, 2022
    • Weight-
      Editor: 60%
    • Grip
      Editor: 85%
    • Length
      Editor: 80%
    • Aggressiveness
      Editor: 70%
    • Blade-Replacement
      Editor: 100%
    • Shave-Quality
      Editor: 80%
    • Affordability
      Editor: 90%

    Review Summary:

    It has a nice black handle with fantastic grip. It is a little bit harder to clean than chrome safety razors, but if you like the black theme is well worth it.


    • Cool Black Theme
    • Great Grip
    • TTO mechanism is smooth and easy


    • I wish there was a knob at the end of the handle
    • A little to aggressive for a beginner
    • The black handle is harder to clean than most

    Hey, readers of!

    Welcome to my Parker 96R review.

    Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of Parker safety razor reviews because I have been shaving with them a lot.

    10 years ago or so I was not incredibly impressed with their safety razors but a lot has changed since then.

    I feel like the quality of craftsmanship has definitely increased, while their price point has remained one of the lowest.

    This has encouraged me to rethink my point of view so I have been going shaving crazy with Parker razors!

    Today I will be talking about the 96R which is a twist to open safety razor that has a nice black handle.

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    Let’s jump right into my Parker 96R review so you could see what this thing is capable of.

    Also, be sure to check out how this Parker safety razor stacks up against the rest in our best safety razor article.

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      Weight and Balance of Parker 96r Review

      The Parker 96R weighs in at exactly 2.3 ounces.

      This is on the lighter side compared to the majority of their safety razors.   

      It is also a little bit lighter than I personally like in a safety razor.

      It has a decent balance point but it is not as good as some of their others types of safety razors.

      In this Parker 96R review, I feel this way, particularly about their three-piece safety razors.

      I feel like it is easier to get the balance point perfect on its three-piece because you can distribute the weight a lot easier compared to a twist to open razor due to all of the moving parts within the handle and headpiece.

      I felt like the weight was a little bit off while transitioning from one shaving hand position to another.

      Parker 96R Review

      Grip of Parker 96R Review

      The grip is one of the stronger points on the Parker 96R safety razor.

      It has a black textured handle that is similar to their 26C model except for the fact that it has a horizontal metal strip halfway down the handle that separates two different sections of the black handle.

      Overall, I think that the grip is fantastic.

      The only thing that I wish it had was a knob at the end like the majority of other safety razors.

      I like something that protrudes at the end of the handle to not only let you know where the end of the handle is, but it also adds additional grip as well as something to catch onto if the safety razor slips.

      Length of Parker 96R Review

      The Parker 96R comes in at exactly 4.0 inches.

      If you have read some of my other Parker safety razor reviews you will learn that they really like to make their safety razors approximately 4 inches long.

      I think this is a great length for most people in most instances as well.

      In this Parker 96R review, it is a great middle ground.

      Aggressiveness of Parker 96R Review

      Typically, twisting to open safety razors seem more aggressive to me.

      This is particularly true with Parker butterfly open safety razors that I own.

      While this is not the most aggressive twist to open from Parker, it is still fairly aggressive.

      I rate it a 7/10 on my aggressiveness scale.

      This is fairly aggressive and I do not recommend anyone that is just starting out with wet shaving, to start out on a safety razor this aggressive.

      It is great for individuals with full facial hair that need something more aggressive to cut through it.

      I also would not recommend using the sharpest blades(such as a feather) with this safety razor.

      It’s unnecessary to use something this harsh if you have very little facial hair and/or very fine hair.

      Blade Replacement – Parker 96R Review

      This safety razor is a butterfly open so it does not get any easier than this.

      Still, make sure that you hold the sides of the blade as you are taking out old blades and putting new ones back in.

      The opening mechanism was very smooth while both opening and closing.

      The blade also sits nicely in the headpiece and does not move around unlike some other twist to open Parker razors that I own.

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      Parker 96R end of DE razor handle

      Conclusion – Parker 96R Review

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      This is a nice-looking safety razor that has good construction for a twist to open.

      It has a nice black handle with a fantastic grip.

      It is a little bit harder to clean than chrome safety razors, but if you like the black theme, it is well worth it for parker razor fans.

      It is more aggressive than I typically recommend for shavers that are new to the art of classic shaving.

      If you have a thick beard or stubble it might be the best parker razor for you because it will cut through your hair with ease.

      You may also want to try a straight razor if you’re an experienced shaver and see the difference between safety razors.

      Let me know what you guys thought of my Parker 96R review!

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      Keep up with the killer shaves!

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