Parker 26C Review – The Black Mamba!


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    Parker 26C Double Edge Safety Razor
    • Editor Rating

    • Rated 4.5 stars
    • Outstanding

    • Parker 26C Double Edge Safety Razor
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    • Last modified: April 22, 2022
    • Weight-
      Editor: 80%
    • Grip
      Editor: 90%
    • Length-
      Editor: 90%
    • Aggressiveness
      Editor: 50%
    • Blade-Replacement
      Editor: 70%
    • Shave-Quality
      Editor: 90%
    • Affordability
      Editor: 90%

    Review Summary:

    Overall this is one of my favorite Parker safety razors! It is relatively mild, has a fantastic grip and provides you with a great shave that is economical.


    • Good weight, it does all the work for you
    • Mild enough for a beginner wet shaver
    • Sleek black look to it AKA "black mamba"
    • Good price point


    • The black makes it harder to clean white soap scum

    Hello visitors of PrimandPrep, and welcome to another safety razor review!

    Today’s article is a Parker 26c review which made our exclusive list of the best open comb safety razors.

    The Parker 26c is one of the numerous Parker shaving products that you will come across if you’re a shaving enthusiast.

    I call it the ‘black mamba’ because it is of solid construction with a sleek black theme to it.

    I have been getting a lot of requests to do more Parker safety razor reviews because they are some of the most affordable and well-constructed safety razors on the market today.

    The 26c is a brass frame, open comb three-piece safety razor with a black handle.

    It definitely has a similar feel and look and feel to the Parker 24c as well as the Muhle R41(but less aggressive).

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    Let’s get right into my Parker 26c so that you can learn all about this Indian manufactured safety razor.

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      Features of Parker 26C Safety Razor

      Listed below are the Features of the Parker 26C Safety Razor

      • Weight and Balance
      • Grip
      • Length
      • Aggressiveness
      • Blade Replacement

      Weight and Balance

      The Parker 26c weighs in at exactly 3.3 ounces.

      It has a good balance point that is towards the top of the black grip on the handle.

      I feel like another twist to open Parker’s doesn’t have the same balance point because it is hard to balance the opening mechanisms within the safety razor.

      Three-piece safety razors are much easier to balance because you could add weight to the right places much easier.

      Parker 26C Review


      The black gritty metal provides excellent grip even if your hands are completely wet and soapy.

      You should have no trouble holding onto the 26c.

      This is another reason that it reminds me of the Parker 24c.

      The grip feels the same, but it is black gritty metal instead of the typical nickel color. 

      The only downfall to a black grip is that it gets white soap scum on the lot easier, and is harder to clean to perfection.

      I still feel like this black handle is easier to clean than the Merkur 20c or 30c series.


      It measures 4.0 inches.

      This seems to be a pretty standard length from the Indian manufacturer Parker.

      I see very little variability between the overall length of their safety razors.

      And in my opinion, I think this is a great length for people with all different hand sizes.

      If your safety razor is close to 4.5 inches you might have trouble if you have small hands.

      On the other hand, if you get close to 3.5 inches, people with larger hands might have trouble maneuvering the razor or finding a comfortable hand position.


      Compared to the other Parker safety razors that I have reviewed on the site, the Parker 26c is relatively mild.

      Not as mild as the Edwin Jagger safety razors or the Merkur 34c for example, Just compared to other Parker’s, it is relatively mild.

      On my aggressiveness scale, I would rate it a 4/10.

      This is a great level of aggressiveness for a beginning wet shaver.

      The open comb headpiece has very deep grooves and exposes a lot of the blade to your skin.

      But at the same time, it has a relatively small blade gap.

      These cancel each other out to make it a mildly aggressive safety razor that gives a very close comfortable shave.

      Blade Replacement

      This is a three-piece safety razor, which makes it a little bit more difficult to replace the blades compared to a two-piece or butterfly open safety razor.

      That being said, it should still be fairly easy to replace the blades as long as you’re careful.

      The blade sits very snug and does not move during your shave.

      I found this to be the case more with three-piece safety razors as opposed to a butterfly open safety razor.

      I also notice the three-piece safety razors are virtually indestructible and will last a lot longer because they have no moving parts.

      I will trade ease of blade replacement for durability and blade stability any day.

      I still like my TTO(twist to open) safety razors, but there is something amazing and comforting about how sturdy three-piece razors feel. 

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      parker 26c three piece DE razor

      Conclusion – Parker 26C Review

      Overall this is one of my favorite Parker safety razors!

      It is relatively mild, has a fantastic grip, and provides you with a great shave that is economical.

      I found that I can pop in any blade that I want with the safety razor for a comfortable shave.

      This thing is just sturdy and has a good balance, which makes me feel very confident while shaving with it.

      You can also check out our infographic on straight razors vs safety razors as well as our best straight razors list.

      Let me know what you guys thought of my Parker 26c Review!

      Check the current price here on Amazon

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Parker 26C

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The Parker 26C main selling point is unquestionably its ability to provide an excellent, close shave without being overly aggressive.

      While it is not the gentlest open comb razor available, it is certainly not the most aggressive.

      An aggressive razor has a wider gap and more blade exposure, allowing more hair to enter between the razor’s edge and the safety bar.

      This helps it to cut through the beard faster and with fewer strokes.

      Instead of a straight bar, the Open comb has a row of teeth running beneath the razor blade.

      These teeth guide and position the beard hairs closer to the razor blade, allowing them to cut more effectively without clogging the razor.

      In a nutshell, all but one model are brass.

      The exception has stainless steel.

      Straight bar and open comb razors are made of chrome-plated zinc alloy (as used by EJ and Merkur) and are made entirely of brass.

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