9 Best Back Shavers of 2024 (Hassle-Free DIY Back Shavers)


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    Manscaping is becoming more and more popular as time goes on and men realize that having a smooth back is something that they want to try.

    But you’ll need a specific men’s back shaver to enjoy totally-smooth skin.

    There are all kinds of back shavers on the market, however, and they all promise great results.

    How can you know which one to choose?

    Finding a good back shaving tool might be tricky, but this is where we come in to help.

    In this guide, we’ll go over the best back shavers we could find and detail their features, pros, and cons so you don’t have to.

    Using this advice, you’ll be able to find the best back hair shaver for your body and specific needs.

    Still on the fence?

    Check this article out which can help you decide if shaving your body hair is right for you!

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Best Back Shaver

      The Best Back Shavers of 2024 Reviewed

      1. Sigma Grooming Back Shaver

      electric back shaver

      The smooth-glide comb and low price point of this back groomer shaver will have your back AND wallet feeling good.


      Brand: Sigma Groooming
      Type: Manual
      Price: $
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 4.5 inches
      Handle Length: 17.25 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who want to shave quickly and still achieve a smooth, high-quality shave.

      Key Features

      Starting off our list with a manual shaver, we chose Sigma Grooming’s back shaver because of the price point, collapsibility, quality, and blade type.

      This shaver utilizes your standard double-edge blades, so if you have a favorite blade you use to shave your face, you can use it on your back too.

      The shaver uses 3 blades, so you are able to cover a lot of area with each stroke.

      This is also a benefit because you don’t have to buy shaver-specific cartridges or blades.

      We wouldn’t want to have to go on vacation with a hairy back if a cartridge didn’t show up in the mail on time or something.

      Another perk is that the handle is very long, so you will be able to reach every area of your back.

      The handle is also collapsible.

      This makes it nice if you just want to use a shorter handle for some more precision or for shaving other areas such as your arms or legs.

      The separation of the handle is also nice for traveling if you want to fit your shaver in your toiletry bag.

      Another great thing about this shaver is its comb design.

      The comb is extremely smooth for gliding on your skin.

      It is also deep enough that you never need to worry about cutting yourself.

      That comb depth also allows you to apply shaving gel, cream, or soap into the comb and have it apply as you shave.

      The only downfall we found with this shaver is that you need a little screwdriver to change out the blades.


      • Extra-wide blade area for faster and easier shaving
      • Well designed comb for protection and comfort
      • Uses standard double-edge back shaving razor blades


      • Tedious blade changing method

      2. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

      back shaver men

      This is the best electric shaver that takes all the muscle work away. Relax and enjoy the shave.


      Brand: MANGROOMER
      Type: Electric
      Price: $$$
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 1.8 inches
      Handle Length: 14.2 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who shave outside the shower or who don’t like to lift their arms so much.

      Key Features

      The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is unlike all of the other models on our list.

      The Ultimate Pro is an electric back shaver, so you don’t have to rely on manual power to effectively manscape your back.

      This relies on efficient battery power that can be recharged by most standard electrical outlets.

      It can go cordless for a short time to allow for total flexibility.

      It can handle wet and dry shaving.

      This shaver also has an ergonomic handle that allows you to reach all of the major areas for shaving with little difficulty.

      The electrically powered head uses blades that are 1.8 inches wide.

      This is a rather moderate size for razors, but since this shaver is electrically powered you can rest assured that your skin will be totally smooth wherever you move the blades.

      This shaver even works if you have thick or coarse hair that gives you trouble with manual shavers.

      There’s also a Power Burst button that you can use which temporarily increases the power brought to bear on a particular spot.

      This will let you sheer through thicker hair or hair with a lot of curls to give your back a smooth surface no matter what your natural body hair type is.

      Any man that has difficulty shaving his back because of the density of their body hair will appreciate this function.

      You get two different heads whenever you purchase one of these Mangroomer Ultimate shavers.

      They can be easily switched out depending on your preference for size or shape.

      They both use a flexible head so that they can follow the contours of your body and smoothly go over any bonier parts while still shaving your skin totally smooth.

      This is a bit expensive compared to some of the manual back shavers, and there is a downside.

      Even though you can use it for wet and dry shaving, you can’t take this shaver into the shower due to its electrical battery.

      You should still wash the head in a faucet but keep the main handle away from water.

      The Magroomer Ultimate Pro is still a great choice if you don’t want to have to rely on manual power to achieve a smooth back.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon


      Shock-absorbing heads
      Ergonomic handle
      Power Burst button


      A bit on the expensive side

      3. BAKblade 2.0 PLUS

      back groomer

      This is an advanced, innovative back shaver that uses a curved design to allow for easy motion and swiping up and down your back.


      Brand: BAKblade
      Type: Manual
      Price: $$
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 4 inches
      Handle Length: 14.5 inches
      Replacement Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men with shorter arms or stiff backs might need help reaching all of their back.

      Key Features

      The BAKblade 2.0 PLUS uses a patented design.

      Its handle is uniquely shaped like the letter S.

      This helps keep the handle ergonomic incredibly comfortable even during long shaving sessions. This will allow you to shave your back consistently even if you have a wide area.

      Because the head of the shaver is wide as well, you’ll be able to knock out all of the hair across your back in one session rather than having to break it up into multiple sessions.

      What’s more, is that you can fold the shaver in half to allow it to be transported much more easily than competitor models.

      This foldability means that you can rely on this shaver even if you travel often for business.

      It’s easy to fit into any suitcase or carry-on bag.

      The head can carry large cartridges that house 4-inch blades.

      The size of these blades means that shaving the entirety of your back won’t take very long at all.

      This also means that upkeep or maintenance of your back hair will be easier than ever before with a back hair shaver.

      But a downside to this shaver is that you can only reload it with cartridges specifically purchased from the BAKblade vendor.

      It won’t accept blades of any other type.

      That being said, the blades are incredibly sharp and cut very efficiently.

      You can use the shaver for either wet or dry shaving and you don’t necessarily need to use shaving cream.

      Even better, changing cartridges is incredibly easy and doesn’t take very long at all.

      All you have to do is push a button to release the old blades and then insert the new ones.

      The handle of the shaver is long enough to reach all major areas of your back without difficulty.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Ergonomic Handle
      Easy to switch blade cartridges
      4-inch long blade teeth


      Only refillable with BAKblade cartridges

      4. BAKblade 2.0 ELITE PLUS

      back trimmer

      Another great back trimmer model takes the good features from the 2.0 above and adds another blade and a sponge to spread soap or cream.


      Brand: BAKblade
      Type: Manual
      Price: $$
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 4 inches
      Handle Length: 14.5 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who enjoy a high-quality shave and excellent results.

      Key Features

      The BAKblade 2.0 ELITE PLUS is very similar to the above model but it takes things to an even higher level.

      It has a few key additions that make it another great choice for the ultimate back shave.

      It uses three blades instead of two.

      The third blade addition means that your shaving experience will be more comfortable, and you’ll have smoother skin than the other BAKblade shavers on our list.

      This third blade also means that the chances of having to go back over an area more than once are extremely low.

      Despite the inclusion of the third blade, you can still use this shaver for either wet or dry shaving.

      Shaving cream is not necessary, but it might be recommended if you have sensitive skin.

      Plus, this shaver also has a sponge pad installed into the shaver head.

      This sponge pad covers the blades and soaks up any soap or excess moisture on your skin.

      This helps stop the blades from slipping and potentially cutting your skin.

      You can also use the sponge to spread shaving cream or soap to improve your shaving experience.

      The sponge will not easily break down and can be used for a long time.

      Another great thing is that the handle is also ergonomic and it is just as long as the previous model.

      This means that reaching all of the major areas of your back will be very easy.

      Switching out cartridges is easy as well.

      All you have to do is press the same kind of button to unlock the cartridge, then switch the blades.

      The same problem is present as well, however.

       While the blades from BAKblade are great and shave with efficiency, they are also the only kind of blade that this shaver will accept.

      That means that you have to get replacements from this one vendor.

      You might be in trouble if they ever stop selling blades that fit this shaver.

      Many of the same strengths and weaknesses of the first BAKblade model apply here.

      It’s a little more expensive but it’s also a little better in terms of overall quality and efficiency.

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      If you can afford to spend a few more dollars for a better shaving experience and still want the high BAKblade quality, this is a great pick.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      The extra blade allows for smoother shaving
      Sponge pad included to cover blades and apply soap
      Easy cartridge switching


      Only refillable with BAKblade cartridges

      5. BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver

      BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver

      This shaver is versatile and quite good at reaching most areas of the back. It comes with tons of replacement blades.


      Brand: Bro Shaver
      Type: Manual
      Price: $$
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 4.5 inches
      Handle Length: 22 inches
      Extra Blades: 15

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who want an economical shaver that’s good for sensitive skin.

      Key Features

      Moving back to the manual shavers, the BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver is an excellent pick if you’re concerned about the cost of replacement blades over the back shaver’s lifetime.

      You get 15 different replacement blades with each purchase.

      This is the best back shaver with enough blades to last you many months to come, depending on how often you need to shave your back or manscape.

      The blades are very easy to replace. In addition, each blade is double-edged.

      What this means is that you can use each blade twice.

      When one side of the blade becomes dull, simply flip the blade around and reinsert it into the head to use it again.

      This further extends the value of this shaver, because it’s like you get 30 replacement blades instead of 15.

      The handle is relatively ergonomic but not quite as comfortable as some of the BAKblade shavers.

      It is long enough to reach most of the major areas you would normally target as you shave your back.

      There is a curve added to the handle which improves the ability to shave spots close to your shoulders or neck.

      This shaver is also made with durable materials, including stainless steel.

      Why does this matter?

      This is a great feature because stainless steel is hypoallergenic.

      If you have skin that is allergic to any sort of metal, like nickel, you can be totally safe shaving your back with a shaver that is made from stainless steel parts.

      This is a valuable back trimmer for men in terms of how many replacement blades you get.

      Even if you ever have to purchase replacement blades, they’re cheap.

      You can get many of them for just pennies.

      It’s a great long-term back shaver if you know that you plan to have smooth back skin for many years to come.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Stainless steel parts
      Lots of spare blades included
      Double-edge razor blades used


      The handle isn’t very tough

      6. MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Shaver

      MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Shaver

      The Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself best back shaver combines innovative design ideas with a comfortable grip for a relaxed, efficient shaving experience.


      Brand: Mangroomer
      Type: Electric
      Price: $$
      Wet/Dry: No
      Blade Width: 2.7 inches
      Handle Length: 10.5 Inches
      Extra Blades: 1 with extra head

      Who Is It Best For?

      This is a great buy for men who are tired of fatiguing manual shaves, and particularly good for men who need a little extra reach to get the job done.

      Key Features

      The Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself shaver features a new ultra-wide blade design that’s up to 50% wider than previous models, plus an extendable handle that allows you to reach difficult places.

      It measures in at 2.7 inches in total, providing plenty of coverage with every swipe across your back.

      The wide blade combines well with the long handle, which can be adjusted and extended up to 10.7 inches at maximum.

      This distance is enough for you to reach most or all of your back hair without straining.

      While it doesn’t come with any extra blades by themselves, this back shaver does come with an extra head for shaving shorter, stubble-like hairs.

      This Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself electric back hair shaver comes equipped with a blade already.

      In addition, all the blades are hypoallergenic to reduce skin irritation and are made from stainless steel.

      This helps protect the blades for longer and ensures that they’ll last for up to six months or more.

      The Do-It-Yourself electric shaver utilizes a flexible neck on both of the attachable heads.

      This design allows the shaver heads to follow the contours of your body and shave closely regardless of your bone structure.

      The handle has a new ergonomic grip; it’s fantastic for maintaining control over the shaver while remaining comfortable at the same time.

      There’s a Power Hinge Easy Push Lock Button, too.

      This lets you lock the shaver head at your chosen angle so you can get those hard-to-reach areas even easier than before.

      But that’s not all.

      The shaver also has a new Lithium Max battery that can last up to five times longer than batteries seen in competitor models.

      The battery is also superb since it recharges very quickly, meaning you won’t be left without power for very long if you ever forget to charge it.

      The biggest downside to this back shaver is that you can’t take it into the shower with you.

      Since it’s not waterproof, you’ll have to do all your back hair maintenance outside the shower, which means a little extra cleanup.

      All things considered, however, it’s still a superb tool and a worthy choice for any man who wants their close shaves to be easy and comfortable.

      Check out the reviews here on Amazon.


      Comfortable to use
      Long-lasting battery
      Wide head and long handle
      Hypoallergenic, long-lasting blades
      Locking button


      Not waterproof or water-resistant

      7. MANBLADE PRO Back Hair Shaver

      MANBLADE PRO Back Hair Shaver

      This is the best back shaver as pretty long and can reach most skin areas with ease.


      Brand: MANBLADE
      Type: Manual
      Price: $$
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 6 inches
      Handle Length: 18 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Tall men who like to shave quickly.

      Key Features

      The MANBLADE PRO Back Hair Shaver is another great pick if the length of the tool is a primary concern you have.

      Its handle reaches 18 inches, allowing most men to reach the entire back.

      The head is similarly proportioned, measuring 6 inches wide.

      This allows you to shave large portions of your back with each pass.

      This back hair shaver also represents great value because it can accept virtually any type of blade that you want to insert the head.

      You can mix and match blades from different brands or even previous back hair shavers that you want and use them with this handle and head.

      The key difficulty is in making sure that the blades you install can reach the full 6 inches required by the wide head.

      If you can manage this, however, being able to mix and match replacement blades is a great feature.

      You can also use back shaver blades that are double-sided to get even greater value from each purchase of replacement blades.

      This shaver is equipped with a rolling shave design that allows the blades to glide over your skin more smoothly than several other competitor models.

      This will reduce the chance of skin irritation or back shaving razor burn and it also feels excellent on your skin.

      It can be a great substitute for shaving cream for a good choice if you have skin that is naturally sensitive.

      However, this function is affected by the type of blade you install head, so take that into account if you’re looking for a sensitive back shave.

      What’s more is that reloading new blades into the head only takes a few seconds, no matter what type of blade you use.

      This is a good choice of back shaver if you already have several different replacement blades ready to go and want a model that is likely to accept them.

      It’s also a good pick if you don’t want to have to worry about getting specific kinds of replacement blades from one kind of vendor or manufacturer in the future.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Wide head design
      Uses universal blades for refilling
      Easy to glide the razor over the skin


      A bit on the expensive side

      8. Razorba Back Hair Shaver

      Razorba Back Hair Shaver

      This shaver uses your traditional facial razor in place of a specialized blade.


      Brand: Razorba
      Type: Manual
      Price: $
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: Varies
      Handle Length: 14 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who really like their primary razor and want to use it exclusively.

      Key Features

      Unlike all the other shavers, the Razorba Back Hair Shaver has a unique design that allows you to continue to use your favorite facial razor on your back.

      This allows you to continue using a back razor that you’ve already tested and approved, or one that you know won’t irritate your skin.

      This men’s back razor is a handle and slot for inserting your razor. Inserting the razor only takes a couple of seconds and it’s an intuitive process.

      Locking the razor into place might take a couple of tries, but once you see how secure it is you won’t worry about the razor falling out.

      One advantage of this design is that the length of your back razor is added to the length of the back shaver handle, improving the overall length.

      This allows you to reach virtually every section of your back or even harder to reach areas that require a smaller blade than that which is usually available on most back shavers.

      This is also an economic choice because you don’t have to buy replacement blades for shaving your back specifically.

      If you already buy replacement blades for your primary razor, you can just buy a few more for use on your back, potentially allowing you to save money in the long run.

      You can, of course, use the shaver either in the shower or a dry shave.

      The back shaver is lightweight, and its handle is ergonomic with a slight curve to allow you to easily reach your shoulders or neck.

      One downside is that the size of most standard facial razors isn’t conducive to quickly shaving large swaths of skin at once.

      What’s the problem?

      This might mean that shaving your entire back takes a little longer with this tool than with the others we’ve reviewed.

      That being said, if you really like your traditional razor and don’t want to try anything else, you can easily pick up this back hair shaver handle and use your tried-and-true razor for whatever you like.

      Check out the hundreds of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Can use your regular razor
      Comfortable handle
      Easy to install/remove razors


      Shaving area is limited

      9. BAKblade 1.0

      BAKblade 1.0

      This is the best back shaver and an economical option with the same great construction as earlier BAKblade models.


      Brand: BAKblade
      Type: Manual
      Price: $
      Wet/Dry: Both
      Blade Width: 4 inches
      Handle Length: 17 inches
      Extra Blades: 0

      Who Is It Best For?

      Men who want an affordable but effective shaver that’s lightweight and easy to use.

      Key Features

      BAKblade 1.0 is another great model from the trusted BAKblade brand.

      This is a simple, lightweight design as compared to the more advanced models we reviewed at the beginning of this guide.

      This shaver’s handle is really lightweight and ergonomic, although it’s a little short compared to some of the other shavers on the list.

      Despite this, it’s small and maneuverable enough to allow you to effectively shave all the major portions of your back and even other sections of your body like your arms and shoulders.

      The handle might be small and lightweight, but the head is generously wide.

      You’ll be able to quickly shave your entire back in just a few minutes with this shaver.

      You can use this tool for either wet or dry shaving, and replacing new blades to the head takes only a couple of seconds.

      There’s a simple latch you have to undo to facilitate the reloading process, and you’ll get it after one or two tries.

      This shaver, in particular, uses patented DryGlide technology to allow you to shave totally dry skin and no shaving cream.

      You won’t find any skin irritation or minor cuts as a result of using this back shaver.

      This can make it a great pick for taking with you on trips or if you have a cramped morning routine and want to shave your back quickly with as few steps as possible.

      While the shaver itself is of a reasonable asking price, it also has the same hurdle that the other BAKblade shavers faced.

      You have to get replacement blades from BAKblade itself.

      This limits your blade reloading opportunities, but it’s not that big of a downside as to negate all of the value that this shaver brings to the table.

      Check out the thousands of customer reviews here on Amazon.


      Lightweight handle
      Wide blade size
      Good for use when wet or dry shaving


      Only refillable with BAKblade 1.0 blades

      Things to Consider When Buying the Best Back Shaver

      Before we get into the details of all the best back shavers on the market, let’s go over a few key features that you should be aware of when making your final selection.

      Understanding these attributes will help you make a well-informed choice for shaving your back.

      1. Wet/Dry Shaving

      Wet or Dry Back Shaving

      Most back shavers will allow you to shave with either wet or dry skin.

      While dry shaving is definitely possible, and there are several models that make it so that you won’t suffer from skin sensitivity or cuts in the process, it’s usually a better idea to shave while your skin is wet.

      This will open up the pores on your back and allow the hair to be cut more closely to the root.

      In addition, it will also extend the length of time between shaving sessions and allow you to enjoy smooth skin for longer.

      The FDA backs this up with its own information on how to safely remove body hair.

      If you own a manual back shaver, you can take it into the shower and shave your back as you take a bath or shower.

      While most back shavers are designed to alleviate the risk of cutting yourself or irritating your skin if you have naturally sensitive skin, using a shaving cream will help ease the process.

      We’ve also reviewed a host of excellent safety razors, which you can check out here!

      2. Head Size

      Back Shaver Head Size

      The best back shavers have heads that are wide enough to tackle large portions of your skin with each pass.

      This will lower the overall amount of time that it takes to shave your entire back.

      You want to look for back shavers that have heads that are wider than 3 inches or so.

      There are a few exceptions to this, like the back shaver we have reviewed that uses your standard facial shaver in place of specialized back shaving blades, but for the most part, you want to avoid any back shaver that has a small head.

      One thing to keep in mind when it comes to head size is that certain back shaver blades will only fit in heads of a particular width.

      Therefore, you should make sure that the best back shaver you select is of the right size for your blades if you plan on using replacement blades that you already own.

      3. Length of Handle

      Back Shaver Handle Length

      The best back shaver for men will have a handle length that allows you to reach all of the major sections of your back without difficulty.

      While each man’s height is different, most back shavers should a length of more than eight or so inches.

      This will allow you to reach the bottom of your back all the way to the top.

      There are a few models that have adjustable lengths, and these can be valuable for the versatility that they offer.

       It might be a good idea to measure the length of your back before making a final decision, and then look for a back shaver that has a handle length specifically sized for you.

      4. Blade Replacements

      Back Shaver Replacement blades

      Some back shavers take all kinds of replacement blades, and these are usually economical choices.

      Being able to choose from many different types of replacement blades ensures that you’ll always be able to get sharp, fresh blades as soon as your current ones become dull.

      This will let you maintain a smooth back.

      However, other back shaver men only take particular kinds of blades, either in size or brand.

      This isn’t a huge flaw, but it does limit your choices if you suddenly run out of sharp blades and need a quick replacement.

      You should also pay attention to the size of the blade that your choice back shaver accepts and make sure that more replacement blades for the shaver are easily available whenever you may need them e.g., in fuze brands back shaver.

      Some back shavers have added value with their purchase by having a large number of extra blades included in the packaging.

      These can be great choices if you plan to be shaving your back for many months to come.

      You might also want to pay attention to blade replacement ease.

      Most of the models on our list have really easy reloading mechanisms, but there are a few in the market that have complicated reloading processes which can be annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry.

      FAQs Regarding Best Back Shaver for Men

      FAQs on Best back shavers

      Let’s go over some quick tips and common quandaries for guys just beginning to shave their backs.

      If you’re curious about shaving your chest and going for the full manscaping experience, we have a handy guide just for that purpose!

      1. How often should I change my blades?

      2. How often should I shave my back?

      3. Do I have to use shaving cream?


      There are many kinds of best back shavers available in the market, however, and they all promise great results.

      If you need a specific back shaver to enjoy totally-smooth skin then it might be complicated. But, you can get thoughtful help from this article.

      In this article, you can find the pros and cons of the best back shaver for men along with their features.

      Using these guidelines, you’ll be able to find the best back hair shaver for yourself!

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