Ultimate Guide for Permanent Ear Hair Removal 2024 (In-depth Reviews of Each Method)


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    Ear hair makes you look weird and out of place. Truth is, you are not alone, buddy; we’ve also got that problem too. Read this ultimate guide for permanent ear hair removal.

    For most men across the world, hair removal is a BIG DEAL; little wonder there are quite a number of ear hair removal methods and tools out there.

    The problem: which is the best, cheapest, most efficient, and safest?

    Having tried some, asked friends which they prefer, and reviewed others, let’s help you cut through the noise and see which is the best hair removal tool and technique.

    permanent ear hair removal

    No doubt, learning how to eliminate strands of hair inside your ear is just as important as learning how to shave your beards.

    Here’s the deal…

    Laser ear hair removal is great but quite expensive, using scissors may be the cheapest but can be dangerous, and electrolysis can be awesome (if you love Star Trek) but your spa may not have that option yet.

    So, read on and see which tool and method of removing ear hair would fit your schedule, be nice to your wallet, and is also safe for your general health.

    First up…

    Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

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      Tools and Methods for Ear Hair Removal

      1. Electronic Ear Hair Trimmers

      Electronic Ear Hair Trimmers

      For guys who are always on the move and have no time for the finesse a spa or a subtle-rocking dermatologist’s chair offer, electric trimmers are perhaps the best option.

      Key Considerations

      But before you jump to that conclusion, check out these factors:

      Type of ear hair: Inner and outer
      Time Required: 30 minutes or less
      Frequency: Monthly or every two weeks
      Skill & Equipment Required: Moderate
      Level of Pain: Mild
      Price: $

      In just a few minutes, you can trim off all the hair in one ear canal with lightning speed and incredible comfort.

      Although there would be a need to do it all over again in a few weeks, the tickling and smooth serenade it offers your ears are more than enough reasons to go that route repeatedly.

      Affordable, convenient, customizable to fit different kinds of ear canals, and amazingly reliable, this method can get your groove back on in a jiffy just like its comrade-in-arms, the ever-reliable beard trimmer.

      Who is Ear Hair Trimming Best For?

      Someone who has lots of rapidly growing hair inside the ear canal and has steady hands to wield the gadget.


      Ensures a clean trim
      Powered by batteries
      Quite affordable


      Requires frequent trimming bi-monthly or even more frequently
      Might pierce the inner ear if not used carefully

      2. Plucking

      Plucking ear, nose, and eyebrow hair

      Would plucking strands of hair off your ear canal be the ideal choice? Let’s apply the guide above and see where you stand.

      Key Considerations

      If the following important points suit your personality, then this may be the ideal method for you:

      Type of ear hair: Inner
      Time Required: Minimal
      Frequency: Monthly or less
      Skill & Equipment Required: Moderate
      Level of Pain: Moderate
      Price: $

      Ever thought about what the turkey or chicken feels when grandma tries to pluck its hair – while alive?

      Thank goodness these animals are long dead before we pluck their feathers. The pain could be unbearable.

      Although using a pair of tweezers to pluck your ear hair may not be as painful as dear old turkey, you would definitely feel the pinch.

      This method is great if you want to attack the hair from the root, pulling them all out.


      Do not attempt to pull them all out at once, you may end up at the doctor’s.

      One at a time, gently picking them off with blunted tweezers while keeping your focus on the mirror should do it.

      Set up multiple mirrors – two or three – at the right angles so you can see clearly even while using your lesser dominant hand. This is the key to success.

      You also need to be ultra-wary of the inner ear because one slip is all it takes to cause severe damage which might lead to hearing loss (or something worse).

      Shaving your armpit, which many do nonchalantly, is a different ball game compared with trimming the inner ear.

      Using tweezers inside the inner ear is strictly recommended for folks with very steady hands and incredible patience.

      Who is Ear Hair Plucking Best For?

      Someone who has little inner ear hair they intend to remove and have a reasonably high pain tolerance.

      Stable hands are crucial for this method.


      Someone who has little inner ear hair they intend to remove and have a reasonably high pain tolerance. Stable hands are crucial for this method.
      Minimal inexpensive equipment required
      Lasts a long time before requiring another bout


      Only good for tiny strands of hair
      Can be very painful

      If you feel you are that guy described above, this set of surgical grade stainless steel tweezers might just be ideal.

      On the other hand, if you do not fall into this category, perhaps you can try waxing your ear hair.

      3. Waxing

      Waxing Back Hair

      Ah ah! This is where most guys get lost. Some dudes find it exceptionally difficult to believe that men need some waxing too.

      But, hey; do you know that top sports stars wax their legs, armpits, and even ears very often too?

      Their handlers – professionals in their own right – must know a thing or two about waxing and shaving the legs.

      Key Considerations

      Here are the key things to consider before choosing this method:

      Type of ear hair: Inner ear entrance and outer ear
      Time Required: Minimal (set aside a minimum of one hour)
      Frequency: Once every two months
      Skill & Equipment Required: Moderate
      Level of Pain: Severe (but for a brief moment)
      Price: $$

      And yes, there are waxing gels designed specifically for that tiny hole on either side of your brain.

      The fact that they take out the hair from the root makes this an ideal choice for many guys out there.

      It’s affordable, effective, and required just about once every 8 weeks.

      But there is the need for caution, though.

      Even though waxing is meant for the outer area only, a nonchalant attitude might cause it to penetrate deeper and that could spell danger.

      We’ve had reports of guys complaining about their ears clogging up slightly for a day or two after waxing.

      If you are not sure about how to apply the gel or take off the mask, leave this to the salon and spa experts.

      Who is Ear Hair Waxing Best For?

      Someone who has quite a sizable quantity of outer ear hair they need to remove and can withstand brief sharp pain.


      Removes strands of hair from the root
      Offers a clean removal, guaranteeing smoothness in the area


      Not very safe for the inner canal
      Can be very painful at the point of removal

      No spa or professional around to help you; that’s no problem! You can still wax your ear at home easily – all by yourself. Try this easy to use wax right inside your boudoir.

      Love DIY? You can learn how to wax your hair in 5 minutes.

      If you desire to step it up a bit and have more than a little spare change to invest in your looks, you might want to try electrolysis.

      4. Electrolysis

      Electrolysis Back Hair Removal

      Big name for a simple procedure!

      With a tiny needle inserted at the base of each hair follicle which is then charged with small electrical pulses, no strand or sprout of hair can survive.

      This method may take some of your time, but it’s worth it.

      Key Considerations

      Before choosing this method, consider these:

      Type of ear hair: Inner and outer
      Time Required: 2-3 hours per session
      Frequency: Once a year
      Skill & Equipment Required: Highly technical
      Level of Pain: Mild
      Price: $$$

      One session is all it takes to kill off the hair growing in your ear canal and you are good to go.

      If you do not mind the cost, then this is probably the best method of eliminating those ugly sprouting strands lurking inside your ears.

      Who is Ear Hair Electrolysis Removal Best For?

      Someone whose inner and outer ear hair grows quite quickly and has some really good money to tackle the problem.


      Removes hair from the root
      Requires very few sessions per year


      Very expensive
      Not commonly found in hair salons and spas

      Try here to see if there’s a local electrolysis hair removal outfit close to you.

      Need mustache wax to give you a clean look? This guide reviews the very best waxes in town.

      5. Laser

      Laser Back Hair Removal

      Like the electrolysis method, laser hair removal does a wonderful job of killing hair from the root permanently.

      That’s what everyone wants, right?

      The cost for this procedure can be quite prohibitive but those who come out of the dermatologist’s office after their final session can attest to the fact that it is worth it all.

      Key Considerations

      Put these in mind before choosing this method:

      Type of ear hair: Inner and Outer
      Time Required: 2-3 hours
      Frequency: One-off
      Skill & Equipment Required: Highly technical
      Level of Pain: Mild
      Price: $$$

      Think of Han Solo’s Light Saber, remember those pulses of light?

      A laser is similar but more technologically advanced. Gentle probes of light reach the hair follicles and gradually kill them until you see them no more, never again!

      Who is Ear Hair Laser Removal Best For?

      Someone whose inner and outer ear hair grows quite quickly wants to eliminate the hair once and for all and has a loaded wallet too.


      Permanent ear hair removal
      One-off visit to the ear hair removal salon


      Ultra expensive
      Requires expert hands to utilize
      Not commonly found around

      Here is a good resource to help you find the nearest laser hair removal facility in your neighborhood.

      Well, great ideas don’t come cheap; no wonder laser and electrolysis hair removal are top of the range methods.

      Nonetheless, battery-powered or electric hair trimming isn’t that expensive. You may want to give it a try.

      6. Scissors

      hair removal with scissors

      “Tale as old as time, tune as old as it can be… a man’s best friend is still his scissors.”

      Got you there!

      This is no Celine Dion harmonizing with Peabo Bryson, it’s the truth about every man.

      Show us a man who’s got no scissors in his drawer and we’ll show you an alien.

      From the mud castles of Timbuktu to the Great Wall of China and back to ancient Rome, scissors have been a permanent gentleman’s companion – yes, the male version of the human species.

      So far it’s sharp enough to take off tiny hair follicles, you are good to go.

      Key Considerations

      Will the good old scissors be best for removing your ear hair? Consider these:

      Type of ear hair: Inner and outer
      Time Required: 30 minutes or less
      Frequency: Twice Monthly
      Skill & Equipment Required: Basic
      Level of Pain: Mild
      Price: $

      No drama, no preparation, no need for electricity, and of course, you can keep your quarrel with your trichologist neighbor going on forever. LOL!

      So, whenever you are packing up to travel the world and see the sand dunes of Arabia or the lost Mayan cities, just remember to have handy a pair of scissors in your backpack.

      It would be your best friend on the road, guaranteed!

      How would you like this cheap hair removal scissors for men?

      Who is Ear Hair Scissors Removal Best For?

      Someone who is always on the move, traveling to areas where electricity is minimal or non-available altogether. Guys who live frugally fall into this category too.


      Totally inexpensive equipment required
      Lasts a long time
      Does not require electricity or batteries


      Leaves the hair root intact
      Can cause injuries to the inner canal or eardrum if not used carefully

      Want to know more about handling sharp razors while grooming? Check out this guide.

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      We have also created an infographic summarizing all of the ear hair removal methods:

      Ear Hair Removal Methods Infographic

      Things to Consider Before Choosing a Permanent Ear Hair Removal Tool

      Before we check out the possible options, this short guide would help you gather your thoughts properly, and combined, the points below would give you a clearer perspective.

      Now, how can you actually make the perfect choice in a bid to free your ear of unwanted hair?

      Understanding how much time you have to spare, how much you can afford to invest in this masculine chore, and so on, would give you a clearer idea.

      1. Know Your Type Of Ear Hair

      Type of Ear Hair

      It is a fact that as soon as you grow past puberty, the tendency for strands of hair growing in your ear becomes very high.

      Nonetheless, it will manifest in some when in their 20s while others would not notice anything till later in their 30s and 40s.

      But then, not everyone possesses the same kind of ear hair.

      Ear hair can be grouped into two broad categories, namely:

      The outer ear hair

      This is simple to understand by the way it is described.

      Those hair strands you can see with a mirror or feel along your ear edges which, in some cases, could be thicker than the ones in the inner part of the canal.

      The inner ear hair

      This is the gentle and smoother variant you feel a bit deeper into the ear canal.

      This is where ear wax comes into play. Glued to your inner ear hair, you can rest assured that there is a strong line of defense from foreign bodies drifting into your eardrum or even into the brain.

      2. Time Required/Frequency

      Time Required

      Time, like they say, is money, and money makes the world go round.

      Would you rather spend so much time visiting the clinic or spa to get your ear hair removed and have to do it every month?

      For the majority, the best hair removal method is the one that requires less than 10 minutes in a month.

      For crying out loud, we’ve got the games to watch, work to attend to, hangout sessions with our buddies, and a thousand other things to do with our time.

      Why waste so much time grooming your ear hair month after month?

      If you fall into this category, try sticking to permanent solutions like lasers and electrolysis.

      3. Skills and Equipment Required

      Skill & Equipment Required

      Hey, let’s be frank here; would you not rather spend time learning how artificial intelligence works or how to make the best barbecue kebab instead of how to handle a new high-tech ear removal tool you get to use only once in two months?

      Bro; think about it!

      Ear removal tools like scissors and tweezers are perhaps the simplest on the list and, at the other end of the spectrum, lasers and electrolysis are reserved for experts only.

      Plucking ear hair with tweezers or trimming with scissors are simple skills even our cavemen ancestors can master in one try.

      It is true that guys love to KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) – pun intended. LOL!

      The simpler a tool or method helps to remove ear hair, the more attention you should pay to such.

      Granted, not everyone can learn new skills very fast.

      If you like to keep things simple and traditional, stick to simple tweezers and our old friend, the scissors. They come in handy and would do the job excellently too.

      4. Level of Pain and Discomfort Involved

      Level of Pain

      Truly, no one desires any level of pain and discomfort, not even the minutest.

      In effect, choosing the perfect ear hair removal method and tool then boils down to how comfortable the process is.

      Because using lasers or electrolysis to kill the follicles at the root is a one-time activity, bearing the discomfort is no big deal.

      It would not happen again!

      Note that some ear hair removal tools like scissors, hair wax, and electronic hair trimming contraptions may result in some level of pain and discomfort – especially if you have soft skin.

      No wonder guys with unstable hands stay away from sharp-edged scissors and tweezers; no man wants to pierce his eardrum accidentally!

      5. Price

      Thinking of Price

      Now here is where it gets tricky!

      Would you forgo chilled bottles of drinks and a great time with friends who expect you to pay and rather spend the money on expensive laser ear hair removal sessions?

      Would you rather endure the slight pain and discomfort scissors would dish out to your ear, over and over, just to save some bucks?

      Or would you go all out, not minding the price, just to make sure your ear hair is kept at bay?

      It all boils down to how fat your wallet is or how frugal you can be.

      If you are the type that is trapped in the middle of the economic spectrum, maybe the customizable electronic ear hair trimmer might just be perfect.

      They are affordable yet quite technologically advanced too.

      Myths And Facts About Ear Hair Removal

      Myths & Facts

      Every empire and civilization past has left us with legends, tales of glory, and conquest. Some true, many mere myths.

      Like a lot of stories you’ve heard before now, ear hair, surprisingly, is the basis for many myths around the world.

      Let’s dive into the world of myths and attempt to, with logical analysis and explanations, free your mind from the bondage of incredible (but fake) tales.

      Ready. Set. Go!

      Myth number one:  If you train your ear hair, it might grow in a better direction


      The truth is that hair growth and the pattern it takes are peculiar and come as a result of the hair follicle and this differs from one person to another.

      As a result of this, only artificial combing, styling, and blow drying can give your ear hair another kind of look.

      Ear hair removal does not contribute to a faster growth afterwards (fact)

      You may find it difficult to agree with this fact because quite a lot of people consider shaving or other forms of hair removal methods as the cause of faster hair growth in the body.

      What actually aids the faster growth of the ear hair is the excessive secretion of the hormone called testosterone in the male as they grow old.

      This is due to the fact that even in old age, testosterone is still secreted by the male during spermatogenesis. 

      What’s the real story here?

      This is merely a coincidence because as you gradually advance in age, the ear hair becomes thicker and darker.

      This is also another feature of a man’s aging process.

      For this reason, many believe that the reason for quicker ear hair lies in frequent shaving or trimming. Not true!

      Ear hair removal is painful (myth)

      Unless you pierce your ear canal with scissors or other sharp objects or decide to pluck with tweezers or even your fingers, removing hair from the ear is not as terrible as people make it sound.

      The best part of the process is the tickling sensation some find difficult to endure due to the ecstasy that comes along with it.

      Try using electric trimmers and you’ll never want to stop.

      Bottom line is that it requires great care so you don’t get carried away easily.

      Ear hair removal gives a sense of confidence (fact)

      Just as a man becomes suddenly more comfortable and confident after a well-trimmed facial hair chore, ear hair removal also has the ability to invest some level of confidence and comfort which can go a long way in affecting how people feel about themselves.

      Removing that ugly hair from your earholes would make you look clean and far from unkempt.

      What should be in a man’s grooming kit?

      What Causes The Growth Of Extra Ear Hair?

      What causes extra ear hair

      There have been several studies carried out to provide real answers to the reasons why some people have more ear hairs than others or why some never grow ear hair in the first place?

      Many trichologists and researchers have even found this difficult to resolve since it was believed that it should be as a result of the Y chromosomes.

      With more recent research, though, that has been proven to be untrue.

      Some scientists have, however, proven that excessive ear hair might be due to excessive secretion of testosterone. 

      Men who live in various parts of Sri Lanka and India are said to possess this trait and thus rapidly grow ear hair compared when compared with people from other parts of the world.

      Little wonder the Orients produce some of the best pre-shave oil and even modern shaving gel too.

      Studies have further proven that the ability of a diabetic woman to manage her disease during pregnancy would make it less likely for the baby to have ear hair.

      Another medical term, known as Hypertrichosis, a situation where a notable and unusual quantity of hair grows all over the body can also be responsible for ear hair growth.

      Other possible causes of ear hair growth include but are not limited to;

      Use of certain medications that may bring allergic reactions which could result in abnormal growth of ear hair
      Intake or consumption of poor nutritional diets
      Skin conditions or irregular growth in a woman’s ovaries
      Endocrine system disorders

      The Importance Of Having Hair On The Body

      Importance of body hair

      Like all mammals walking on the surface of the Earth, having hair on the body is inevitable – except if you are a mole rat or living with some genetic disorders.

      Suffice to say, almost all of the 7.7 billion lot of us have the hairy stuff on our skins.

      This unique filament of protein located in the dermis that grows from the follicles makes us truly special.

      If in doubt, ask the Neanderthals.

      Their hairy skin meant they could withstand the harsh weather elements in and out of their caves. 

      Found mostly on the leg, chest, arm, back, and ears, human hair grows more around or after puberty but then gets weaker over the years.

      Across cultures, there’s been a lot of questions seeking to know why humans have hair in the oddest of places including the pubic, armpit, and ear regions.

      That’s not all, though…

      Having hair is key to survival as it is for our protection too.

      But then, don’t look like a Neanderthal, choose from these outstanding body hair trimmers to keep you looking fresh.

      Are there any benefits to having hair on the body? – The pros!

      Hair is very important to humans as it helps us to feel the sense of touch, the presence of insects that may bite, breeze puffs, cloths slides, and the like.

      The human hair is made up of nerves in the follicles that are responsible for the detection of vibrations and movements, and as such helps humans feel the sense of touch on the skin.

      Imagine a cat without its whiskers; that’s akin to a human without the feeling of smell, touch, and a sense of balance, rolled into one.

      That is how important body hair is to mammals.

      Small body hairs are very sensitive for detecting anything that the skin cannot detect directly.

      They also play an important role in thermoregulation given that they are very vital for keeping the skin warm during cold stress.

      Or, why do you think Caucasians living in colder regions possess more hair than Africans living in warmer regions!

      Makes sense?

      Ear hair may shield you from the elements too

      Perhaps the most important reason nature leaves us with some hair in the ear is protection.

      Yes; ear hair protects you from egg-laying flies who would do anything to get into the two warm and moist dark holes between your brain.

      Having hair in your ears does not stop these adamant bugs, though, but it might reduce their incessant encroachment.

      Too much trimming may also result in some kinds of allergies or irritations which some folks have experienced before.

      Have you ever felt that whooshing sound, that moment when it feels like your ears are about to pop as you change altitude while flying or bursting out of tunnels in a high-speed train?

      Shaving your ear or leaving the hair to grow has significant effects on how you handle that. In essence, it affects your sense of balance.

      This is not life-threatening in any way, so do not be scared.

      Leaving your ear hair or removing them via different methods is a matter of choice.

      That brings us to the question: what methods are ideal for removing ear hair?

      The answer… there is no one-size-fits-all in this case. It’s all boils down to preferences, convenience, available tools, and desired end results.

      Whichever method you choose, just relax and enjoy the process; hair removal is easy and highly rewarding too.

      The best part is…

      Ear hair, working together with the body’s ear wax, is helpful. They serve as a protective barrier to bacteria, germs, and other foreign bodies ready to cause damage to the inner part of the ear, like the eardrum.

      It is known to serve as the first line of defense, otherwise called an innate immunity in humans.

      It prevents the rapid penetration of water into the ears of an individual in the case of drowning.

      Consequences of having full ear hair – the Cons!

      Full or excessive ear hair can clog and crowd the canal of the ear.

      It increases the susceptibility of trapping water in the ear. This occurs due to the narrowing of the canal of the ear.

      Excessive ear hair might also be irritating to the individual as it often causes itching in the ear.

      Bottom line

      Ear hair removal is important given that it falls under one of the primary modes of maintaining the body – especially as one begins to grow older.

      So, whether it’s waxing, trimming, or relying on modern technology like electrolysis and laser, stick to what makes you feel safe and comfortable.

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      1. I hadn’t really thought about hair around my ears before but I like the idea of using tweezers to pluck them off. It’s not always necessary to wax hair off every time you see hair somewhere you don’t think they should be, so using a tweezer would be an effective alternative. I would add too that tweezers would be a good use for hair strands that stand out on your face.

      2. Yes; ear hair protects you from egg-laying flies who would do anything to get into the two warm and moist dark holes between your brain.

        Oops! Lol
        The brain between the warm and moist dark holes, or am I missing something 😛

        Thanks for the post.
        I’m actually wondering longterm, does not having those hair follicles do to electrolysis or laser have any negative impacts? Other than allergies and light illnesses.

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