Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Review 2024 – Best Variety Pack


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    Colonel Conk shaving soap
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    • Colonel Conk shaving soap
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    • Last modified: April 17, 2022
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    Review Summary:

    Overall if you are looking for a great shaving soap that comes in a variety of different scents, I would definitely try this one out.


    • All four scents are very pleasant
    • Loads a lathers quite easily
    • Comes in handy protective containers


    • Not as slick as I would like in a lather

    Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Review – The Variety Pack

    Hey guys and welcome to my third shaving soap review here on PrimandPrep!

    In this article, I will be doing a Colonel conk shaving soap review for you guys!

    Colonel conk shaving soap is a very popular brand in the wet shaving industry.

    They provide multiple different scents that all have slightly different qualities.

    I will not be able to review every single one that they have, but in my experience, they all have very similar lathering qualities as well as performance qualities.

    When I bought this Col conk shave soap it came in a pack of four.

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    The four scents of the Colonel conk shaving soap range are Col conk bay rum, lime, Amber, and almond!

    Overall I am a huge fan of bay rum shaving creams and soaps so that will be the main focus of my review today.

    If you are a fan of bay rum as well, be sure to check out our list of the best bay rum aftershaves.

    Let’s jump right into my Colonel Conk shaving soap review so you can learn with these pucks are all about!

    You can also check out how Colonel Conk’s shave kit (particularly Colonel Ichabod conk shaving soap) stacks up against the rest in our best shaving soap article.

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      The Scent

      Overall, all four of the shaving pucks that I got in my variety pack have a very mild smell to them.

      The bay rum soap is definitely more unique than the other bay rum soaps and creams that I’ve used in the past.

      It does not have an overwhelming clove smell to it like some bay rum soaps do.

      Overall I’d say that the Colonel Conk bay rum is more woodsy, and mild compared to most other bay rums.

      Generally, Col Ichabod conk products range consists of shaving soaps, aftershave balms, shaving creams, and beard oils (both scented and unscented).

      While some bay rum soaps and creams leave a slight burning sensation on my skin due to the overuse of clove, Colonel Conk does not.

      And I was very pleased by this fact.

      One thing that I will warn people about it, is that it has been leaving my skin slightly drier.

      If you have a problem with extremely dry skin you might want to take precautions and use extra moisturizer after your shave.

      The Latherability

      When shaving with soap pucks such as the ones provided by Colonel Conk, I typically put them in the bottom of a coffee mug and heat them up for a few seconds in the microwave to soften them up a little bit.

      The loading process onto my brush was quite painless and there was no trouble getting enough soap on the ends of the bristles.

      Overall the lathering process was quite easy and pleasant for me.

      A thick dense lather was produced with less work than typically takes with other brands.

      I still recommend heating the bowl and your brush up a good amount before trying to load off such a dense puck.

      Colonel Conk Shaving Soap on brush

      The Performance

      I was quite pleased by the performance of the bay rum Colonel Conk shaving soap.

      Whether I am using soap or cream, I typically leave the lather on my beard for at least 1 minute to soften up the hair.

      The first pass was very pleasant for me and the hairs were definitely soft enough and did not cause any tugging or pulling.

      Sometimes after the first pass, there is a slick residue left over from the lather of soap or cream.

      In this case, there was very little slickness on my skin (definitely not the slickest shaving soap).

      I would not suggest doing secondary passes without re-lathering with this Col Conk shave soap.

      And although I feel like it did not perform as well as a triple-milled soap, it is one of the best glycerin-based soaps that I’ve used so far.

      The Longevity

      Each of these four shaving cakes that I received in the variety pack contains 2.25 ounces of Colonel Conk shaving soap.

      In my experience, each of these shaving pucks will last you approximately 3 months if you are a daily shaver.

      So the variety pack is a year’s worth of shaving soap for approximately $15.

      In my experience, the Colonel Conk shaving soap is slightly more expensive per ounce than other soaps that I’ve used, but the experience was well worth it.

      Conclusion – Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Review

      Overall I am very pleased with the Colonel Conk shaving soap.

      And this is coming from a man that prefers his shaving creams over his shaving soaps.

      The bay rum scent is very mild and sweet compared to other ones I have experienced.

      I did not experience any burning, but it did leave my skin a little bit drier than I would like.

      Overall if you are looking for a great shaving soap that comes in a variety of different scents, I would definitely try this one out.

      You can consider getting it here on Amazon

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      The other three scents provide just as good lather, as well as the performance with a slightly different after scent on your skin.

      I like switching it up from time to time!

      I hope you guys liked my Colonel Conk shaving soap review!

      Check out our infographic on straight razors vs safety razors to find out the difference between both types of razors.

      Also, be sure to get the right shaving brush to whip up that perfect lather as well as a top-tier safety razor or one of the best straight razors on our lists.

      You may also be interested in trying out one of the best shaving creams as well.

      Leave me a comment down below to tell me your experience with the soap, or if you have any other questions.

      Please like this on social media if it was helpful for you guys and have a Shavetastic day!

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      1. Well written and informative review. Have been a user of the Colonel for 15 years switching between Tabac every so often to funk things up. The Bay Rum is my favorite. Also spoilt myself today with a new Col Conk “Major” DE razor. The heft and build quality is decent. Great company with authentic wet shaving products. Will continue to support the brand and recommend to friends.

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